Common beauty and cosmetics industry problems that drive businesses to Cin7

We can’t bundle our products without losing track of available stock.

Your current inventory management system doesn’t accommodate batch numbering and that has created uncertainty in your warehouse. Cin7 accommodates serial and batch numbering to keep track of items that end up in bundles or sold to different kinds of customers.

You sell direct to consumers online and through Amazon, as well as to a luxury department store, and each channel comes with very different order volumes. Cin7 integrates all your channels and lets you allocate products to optimize inventory for each kind of customer.

Your brand has grown quickly and organically and you hold stock in more than one warehouse. Whether you run your own warehouse, use a 3PL or both, you’ve lost track of the inventory on hand as you sell, mix and bundle products over time. Cin7’s warehouse management feature provides the real-time data, order automation and picking and packing functions to keep your warehouse organized as you grow. Cin7 also keeps orders flowing automatically from your eCommerce and EDI channels to your 3PL warehouse.

“Cin7 has really saved me time and effort when it comes down to tracking things. It’s given us the ability to be sure that our buyers know where our goods are and that we can deliver to them in a timely manner.”
Jason Guerin, Logistics Specialist, Leaders Cosmetics