Simplify Your Operations, Scale Your Brand

Reach More Customers

Minimize your workload as you add channels: Amazon, Sephora, Shopify and much more.

Streamline Your Orders

Keep accurate stock for all kinds of orders: volume orders, product bundles, retail. Do it all in one solution.

Get More Efficient

Centralize your data, automate fulfillment processes and break free from spreadsheets.

Improve Quality Control

Stay on top of aging products, and trace ingredients back to suppliers.

“After lots of research, reading reviews, and trying different ERPs, I found Cin7 and decided to use it for its simplicity, its straightforward use and its support team. Now I have a new company that is starting with a platform that some years ago was only available for large companies. It is great to have my Shopify store, my inventory and my accounting in line and aligned.”
Luis Mora, Founder, Vervan Cosmetics

The Perfect Features for Growing Beauty Brands

Multichannel Integration

Built-in POS, quick ecommerce integration; Amazon Seller, FBA, Vendor and Direct Fulfillment integration; Built-in B2B Ecommerce, and vendor channels with built-in EDI. 

Production Management

Three-tiered BOMs for product bundles, component inventory management, batch production/tracking, contract manufacturing. Learn More

Alternative Units of Measure

Cin7 makes it easy to buy and sell in different units of measure (UoMs), automatically converting one unit of measure to another. 

Batch Tracking

Track inventory by production batch, track expiration dates. 

The Smart Solution for Beauty and Cosmetics Brands

Does Cin7 track component inventory for product bundles?

Yes. Cin7 provides flexible inventory features, including tracking component stock and finished products. The Virtual Stock feature can show you how many product bundles you can put together based on available component stock.

Yes. Cin7 is built to manage inventory for different kinds of sales channels and customers. You can allocate stock to each sales channel, manage cartons for volume EDI orders, provide and fulfill direct to customer orders on Amazon, your website and your store. You can also let your wholesale customers shop with you through the built-in B2B Ecommerce portal.

Yes. Cin7 gives you accurate stock levels in every store, warehouse and 3PL warehouse where you hold stock. It keeps your inventory in line with orders, automatically adjusting your inventory as you sell and letting you know when it’s time to re-order and replenish.