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Cin7 Core Terms of Use

The Cin7 Core Terms of Use outline our obligation to you as a service provider and the conditions that govern your use of Cin7 Core’s inventory management software. You can view the Cin7 Core Terms of Use here.

Cin7 Omni Terms of Use

The Cin7 Omni Terms of Use covers Cin7’s responsibilities as a service provider and explains the terms and conditions that apply to you as a user. Learn more about the Cin7 Omni Terms of Use here.

Privacy Policy

Cin7’s takes privacy very seriously and respects the integrity of personal information. You can find more information about how Cin7 collects, uses, and protects customer information in our Privacy Policy.

Security Policy

We have implemented robust measures to protect your information from unauthorized access or breaches. You can find information on our protocols and best practices in our Security Policy.

Early Adopter Program - Terms & Conditions

View the guidelines and requirements for participating in Cin7’s Early Adopter Program, which grants early access to new features and products in exchange for providing feedback.

Customer Referral - Terms & Conditions

The Cin7 referral program rewards existing customers for recommending Cin7’s products and services to others. The terms and conditions explain how the referral system works and when rewards are conferred.

Responsible Disclosure Statement

Cin7’s Responsible Disclosure Statement outlines our policy and guidelines for securely reporting potential security vulnerabilities or issues related to our products and services, ensuring they are addressed promptly and responsibly.