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Key Built-in Omnichannel Features

Provide seamless customer experience across all your channels with Cin7's out-of-the-box omnichannel workflows.


Key Built-in Omnichannel Features

Provide seamless customer experience across all your channels with Cin7's out-of-the-box omnichannel workflows.


Offline/Online Loyalty

Let your customers accrue rewards in your store or on your website. Use Cin7 to create a value-based loyalty scheme, reward customers based on spending over set time-frames, and to distribute rewards to customers by email.

Showroom Retail

Let your customers see your product up close without the need to hold inventory locally. Cin7 lets you route orders from your showroom to your warehouse for shipping directly to customers or in-store pickup at a later date.

Ship From Store

Cin7 lets you route online orders to your store when your warehouse runs out of stock. Set rules to automatically route online orders to the store closest to your customer with their product in stock.

Click and Collect

Put workflows in place to give your customers more options when they buy online. Cin7 can route orders from your website to your store, and route stock to stores when inventory isn't available locally. Cin7 also lets you email customers when their order is ready for pick-up.

“Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: multi-site retail, wholesale and online.”
Mark Mamrot, Co-Founder, Monsterthreads

Trusted by Growing Brands

With extensive integrations and unrivaled, out-of-the-box support for complex workflows, brands can more easily grow their business as each opportunity presents itself.

Cin7 Features At a Glance

Everything you need to automate orders and manage inventory wherever you sell, hold and dispatch your products.

Inventory Management

Real-time stock control, product variation, batch/serial stock, inventory planning, 50,000 SKUs
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Retail POS

Branch and warehouse visibility, branch transfers, batch and serial sales, click and collect, ship from store, loyalty, promotions
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Warehouse Management

Pick and pack, label, mobile stocktake, automated order workflows
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B2B Ecommerce

Custom content, integrated product details, checkout payment options, tiered pricing, instant payments
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Deposits, order management, indent ordering, stock allocations, contract pricing and credit limits.
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Manufacturing and Kitting

Simple manufacturing, virtual stock, bundling, alternate units of measure, automated purchasing
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Easy general ledger updates, dashboard control, batch reporting, automation, cloud and desktop accounting software integration
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Automated routing to warehouse/3PL, stock synchronization, product/pricing feed, order status
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Automated order routing, stock synchronization, product and price feed, order status, Amazon shipping plans and fees
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EDI Retailers

In-house set-up and compliance-testing, rapid implementation, dashboard visibility/control, automated workflows
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Third Party Logistics (Warehouses)

Regional, global and specialty 3PL integration; automated order routing, real-time visibility, shipping notification
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Sales / Marketing

Google Shopping integration and service, Salesforce integration, CRM synchronization
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