Nobody is Just One thing

My family settled in New Zealand when I was about six. My father was a carpenter for Lockwood Homes; my first computer was a Commodore 64. As far as I was concerned, that made me a 100%-pure Rotorua boy, and a child of the ‘80s.

Manage Your Inventory Anywhere, in Realtime.

Cin7 Problem Solvers From Inception

A few years later, I was building websites. It got boring, to be honest. Writing HTML all day in 2002 was a bit of “been there, done that.” So, my new team and I looked for problems to solve. Companies needed to make their websites a central part of their business. My young company and I worked out of a house in an Auckland suburb, under the name Datum Connect, creating websites perfect for that earlier, simpler time of eCommerce. I admit, I get obsessive. I’d sit with a client for weeks, learning their business inside and out, client after client. Do that enough times over a decade, you see where things are headed. It simply wasn’t enough to help companies sell online.

Born in the Cloud

Even as businesses sold more—online, in their own stores, to other retailers—they lost money. Because they managed stock and orders for each channel separately, they didn’t know if they had run out of stock to sell. Orders went unfulfilled. Customers slipped.

That’s when the idea for Cin7 was born. We stand for “connected inventory” and the seven trends in multi-channel business we saw unfolding at the time. The cloud let us cost-effectively connect our customers’ channels in a single interface. They would never oversell or understock again.

We baked integration into our core. As our customers changed and grew, they could maintain control as they added new sales channels, outsourced their warehousing, integrated their accounting solutions and managed their shipping.

From Integration to Automated, Smart Supply Chains

I’m proud of what we’ve built at Cin7, and I’m happy about the direction we’re taking. We’ve pushed Cin7 beyond inventory management. We’ve made Cin7 a true end-to-end supply chain management solution for medium sized enterprises looking to sell to more people in more places, without adding the burden of manual processes, with the information they need to make purchasing and inventory decisions.

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