Amazon coming to Australia

Is 2017 the Year for Amazon in Australia?

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Rumors of the imminent arrival of Amazon in Australia have been circulating for a decade. Going by recent media reports, Amazon could be doing business ...
Brick-and-Mortar sales channels dominate holiday spending, for now

Brick-and-Mortar Channels Dominate Holidays

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Yes, you read that headline right. Brick-and-mortar sales channels represented 78% of retail sales this past holiday shopping season, according to a company that tracks ...

Take Stock in a Positive Outlook for 2017

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Do you have a positive outlook for your business in 2017? A lot of US businesses (and consumers) do. Reports indicate they ended 2016 with ...

Cin7 Debuts Customer Webinars for 2017

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Are you ready to make 2017 the greatest year for your business so far? Cin7 is, and we want to share our excitement with you. ...
Benefits of B2B Online Marketplaces

How Suppliers Benefit from B2B Online Marketplaces

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Wholesalers, distributors, and other B2B suppliers have more options for finding customers and promoting their products online than they did ten years ago. B2B eCommerce, ...

Will Airborne Fulfillment Put Stock in the Clouds?

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Amazon has been floating an idea to put a warehouse in the sky. The company filed a patent in 2014 for what it dubs an ...

3 Ways the Customer is the Center of Your Universe

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Markets have evolved to the point that the customer is the center of your universe. This isn’t hyperbole, but a very real phenomenon with which ...

Cin7 Holidays, Customer Support, and the Year Ahead

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The Cin7 Marketing team has a had a productive and busy year. But we're taking a break from blogging for the Christmas and New Year ...
How to avoid digital destruction

Sears Unraveling: 3 Ways to Avoid Digital Destruction

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Sears, once the number one retailer in America, is entering 2017 on the verge of collapse, particularly by digital destruction. The company reported a net ...
Chalmers Organics solves complicated supply chain management of TONZU, using Cin7

Case Study: The Mom and Pop Shop That Went Wholesale

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Steven and Elizabeth Chalmers turned their passion for healthy lifestyles into a multi-generational family business. They started out in retail in the 1970s, selling organic ...