We analyze your business to match CIN7 with your requirements. Beginning with our sales team, we’ll look at your channels, warehousing needs, customer base, suppliers, manufacturing and kitting requirements, and workflows. We’ll provide supply chain consulting when necessary, make recommendations and clearly show you what features and integrations we’ll provide to meet your business goals.



We implement CIN7 for you according to the requirement you agree to at the scoping stage. Our onboarding team will migrate your data, set up your integrations and test your workflows, working to a set timeline for the speediest implementation possible. While we’re getting you set up, we’ll provide you and your staff user training and training materials.


Account Management

We’ll assign to you an on-staff account manager to facilitate your onboarding and implementation process. Your account manager ensures your project sticks to its timeline and helps resolve any issues that may arise during the implementation period.


Dedicated EDI Team

CIN7’s dedicated EDI team set up and and test your integrations with department stores, specialty retail chains, supermarkets, Amazon Vendor and 3PL providers. They make sure that your EDI integrations comply with your customers’ requirements so that you’re ready to fulfill orders when CIN7 is fully implemented.


Premium Support Plus

CIN7’s in-house customer support team is always on hand to serve you. But with Premium Support Plus, you’ll get extra attention and additional resources. That includes a dedicated Customer Support team member, additional staff training and more.