Inventory Management software forms the core of your business systems

Stop doing stock management in excel. Centralized, Cloud Inventory Management Software connects eCommerce, POS, warehouses, EDI and 3PL together to create one complete business system.

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Our Inventory Control software sets the standard

Screenshot of Cin7 Inventory software showing accurate COGS

Accurate inventory costing = accurate reporting

Rather than using a weighted average, stock value is based on the stock’s exact landed cost. Cin7 inventory tracking software provides accurate cost of goods sold and gross profit reporting.

Never oversell or over allocate stock again

Sell stock while it’s still on the water with Open to Sell, a term coined by Cin7. Track where your stock is, what’s been committed and what is due to arrive in real-time. Cin7 gives a better way to stock management and control.

Cin7 inventory control software allows you to check and sell product that's still being shipped
Thrills use Cin7 Inventory Software

“Cin7 has provided us the ability to efficiently link stock information across multiple sales channels, as well as currencies.”

– Ryan Collins, Thrills

Wolff Coffee Roasters Manage their Inventory with Cin7's software

“Within the past 12 months our business has doubled. I think Cin7 has played a part in being able to sustain and support the growth.”

– Wolff Coffee Roasters

Stock tracking across multiple branches using warehouse inventory software

See and track your stock levels in real-time across your business

Manage stock over multiple branches. Perfect if you have multiple retail stores and warehouse inventory to manage. With Cin7’s inventory tracking software, get instant stock visibility over your business.

Running low on stock? No problem

With smart buying and reordering, you can create a purchase order based on sales orders, when there’s no stock to fulfil an order. Products can be grouped based on preferred supplier to make ordering stock easy.

smart buyer creates purchase orders for new stock, directly from your inventory system
Icon showing that Cin7 automatically converts units of measure when needed

Buy and sell in different units of measure

Order and track stock in one unit of measure and sell in another

Icon showing inventory visibility

Better visibility and traceability of inventory

Track by serial and batch number so you know where your stock came from

Cin7 inventory tracks components required to manufacture products

Virtual stock for kitting and light manufacturing

Determine how much stock you can produce using available parts

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More Inventory Management features

  • Quoting
  • Credit notes
  • Pre-orders
  • Branch transfers
  • Mobile stocktaking
  • Consignment

  • Rich product management
  • Custom fields
  • Multi-currency support
  • Backordering
  • Flexible configuration

  • Batch importing and updating
  • Alternative GL and tax rates
  • Label printing
  • Light manufacturing
  • Barcode Inventory