Target EDI Compliance & EDI Services

An iconic discount retail chain with thousands of stores throughout North America.

How Cin7 Integrates with Target

Use Cin7’s built-in EDI integration and eliminate the time, expense, and complication of third-party EDI software, while reaping the benefits of comprehensive, real-time inventory management.

When you integrate Target with Cin7, you get:

  • A single system to eliminate wasteful, redundant, and error-prone data entry that using third-party EDI webforms would entail.
  • Automated EDI form translation for seamless, streamlined order, invoice, and other transaction processing.
  • A purpose-built integration to meet Target’s x12 EDI specifications.
  • Streamlined tech support. No need to coordinate with multiple software, VAN, and EDI providers.

The Benefits of Inventory with EDI

Big retailers like Target Corporation use the EDI protocol to manage transactions with their suppliers. When you integrate Target with Cin7’s all-in-one cloud inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL solution, you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater stock visibility as Cin7 automatically updates stock-on-hand, in real-time, with every order.
  • Better inventory control as Cin7 adjusts stock immediately to prevent overselling.
  • More efficient operations as Cin7 lets your process purchase orders and other transaction documents in a single interface.