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Deliver a seamless customer experience at the point of sale with the Cin7 Inventory POS System

Hardware compatible

Hardware compatible

Run Cin7 POS inventory software on any popular operating system or device: Mac, iPad, PC, or laptop.

Full-featured inventory

Full-featured inventory

Gain complete visibility of your inventory across all your stores and warehouses and easily create branch transfers.

Omnichannel fulfillment

Omnichannel fulfillment

Deliver a seamless customer experience with built-in click and collect, ship from store, and showroom functionality of the online point-of-sale system.

Customer rewards

Customer rewards

Manage loyalty programs and gift cards to keep customers coming back and spending more.

Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: <strong>multi-site retail, wholesale and online.</strong>

Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: multi-site retail, wholesale and online.

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A better retail customer experience

Streamlined and synced

POS and inventory systems together, in one: Prevent stock-outs and improve customer retention with real-time, multi-location stock visibility.

Plays well with others

Cin7 works with your cash register, receipt printer and barcode scanner whether you’re a Mac, iPad or PC user.

Perfect for pop-ups

Introduce new products at a pop-up store or trade show and easily route orders from the field to your warehouse.

Optimized for the omnichannel

In-store pickups and returns are no problem. You can even search for online orders from within the POS inventory system.


Common questions about built-in point of sale

Yes. If you manage transactions in one system and inventory in another, unsynced, you may end up with unexpected stock-outs that send customers out the door. Cin7 provides full visibility of the stock available in your store, in your warehouse and in all your branches.

Yes. If you want to introduce new products in a pop-up store but your current system doesn’t let you route orders from the field to your warehouse, Cin7 can help. Cin7’s POS module runs on mobile devices, making it suitable for pop-ups, trade shows and B2B sales reps. It even allows you to take orders when you’re offline.

Yes. Your customers may buy from you online, but sometimes they’d rather pick up orders themselves than take a home delivery. With Cin7, give your customers the option to click and collect as well as return online purchases to any store. Store staff can also search online orders from within the POS.

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