Built in EDI

All your EDI customers managed natively in one system

Cin7 Omni's robust EDI capabilities and the largest EDI network on the market enable brands to grow efficiently with real-time order and inventory management, eliminating third party EDI software providers, automating workflows, and expediting shipping documentation.

Why choose built-in EDI by Cin7 Omni

Avoid the additional complexity, cost, and maintenance of third party EDI software providers. Enjoy Cin7's full-service approach by letting our specialists scope the technical requirements of each of your large retail customers, build out the two-way connection, and perform all compliance testing for you.


Workflow automation

Receive incoming orders

Automate order download, shipping and invoicing processes with ease.

  • Rule-based automation reduces manual data entry
  • Advanced messaging system streamlines integrations across multiple trading partners and 3PL warehouses.
  • Improves EDI logistics operations by boosting order processing, invoicing, packing, and shipping.
Full-service offering

Cin7 fully manages the EDI platform, so you don't need internal IT resources. You receive:

  • Onboarding support,
  • Design and configuration,
  • Compliance testing, and
  • 24/7 support - error monitoring and issue resolution.
Full-service offering

One system — centralized information accessible to all teams as needed including:

  • Visibility into every order at every stage.
  • No need for third party EDI providers or costly ERPs.
  • Real-time data, enabling accurate fulfillment, timely deliveries, error reductions, and increased sales.
  • Standardized and encrypted data transfers.
Support multiple fulfillment models

Direct to customer, ship-to-store, ship-to-DC and 3PL

  • Seamless integration with product distributors, 3PL providers and commerce channels.
  • Intuitive EDI dashboard with a step-by-step quide to fulfill EDI orders.
  • Multiple cartonization options to fulfill hundreds of orders within minutes.
Pre-built EDI mapping

Faster time to value with a large number of pre-built EDI maps and industry standard communication protocols

  • Ability to map order workflows across hundreds of trading partners worldwide.
  • Compliant with X12- American National Standards and EDIFACT- European Standards.

One-stop shop for EDI with hundreds of large retailers

Grow and scale your business with built-in EDI supply chain capabilities:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies and higher profits as you grow
  • Expand your customer relationships with 100% EDI Compliance
  • Enhance your data quality and communication capabilities
  • Significantly reduce the cost of customer chargebacks
  • Eliminate error-prone manual processing and drive down operational costs

Additional Features

Order management

Warehouse management goes beyond just orders out the door. Efficiently add new inventory to your warehouse so it’s ready to be sold!

Order cartonization and labeling

Reorder with ease and avoid the headache of out-of-stocks when your warehouse and inventory management systems are automated and in sync.

Pick individual products or build custom kits

Whether your customers order one-by-one or order a curated collection, your warehouse team will be ready to make every packaging vision come true.

Batch and expiration tracking

Keep track of which product is going to each customer with batch and serial item tracking. Track expiration dates, and proactively manage recalls.


No. Cin7 uses EDI to build direct integrations with major retailers around the world. Other inventory management systems and ERPs send you to a third-party provider to set up EDI integrations and synchronize orders with your stock. Cin7 does it all. With Cin7, you only need one vendor for set-up and support.
Yes. By combining inventory management with ready-to-deploy EDI integrations, Cin7 comes in at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than ERPs and other inventory management solutions. For most integrations, Cin7 tests your connections at no extra cost. You’ll get the integration you need without the high set-up and subscription fees of an ERP and without the connectors required by other inventory management solutions
Yes. Cin7’s in-house integrations team ensures orders flow to your 3PL warehouse the way you need them to. Integrations with 3PLs streamline and automate workflows, and make the ordering process transparent from download to dispatch.
Cin7 has built live EDI connections to hundreds of leading retailers across the globe. In the unlikely event that one of your customers isn’t currently available, our engineers will quickly scope their technical requirements, build out the two-way connection, and perform all compliance testing for you.
The time required to develop, test, and start using our EDI connections varies based upon several factors: (1) your schedule and the availability of your team to collaborate with our team as the connection is established; (2) the availability and engagement of your large retail customer; (3) the technology your retailer is using; and (4) the number of documents and workflows you need to automate.
Yes, we have EDI and 3PL connections worldwide and continue to grow our network globally.