Get one complete picture of inventory and accounting

Bring inventory management and financial reporting together to understand your business performance

See the financial health of your business in real time

Using separate systems to maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory records is a headache. It can distort your inventory valuation and your finance insights. Integrate Cin7 with your existing accounting system (including QuickBooks or Xero) to automatically create entries, and synchronize invoices, bills, payments, and more. Now, your financial records reflect the true value of your inventory.

With Xero and its seamless integration into Cin7 Core’s ERP [it] will start to show us exactly where our product is … [and] what the trends are. And I’m really excited about that.

Raymond Siebrits, Klein River Cheese

Simplify COG calculations

Direct material costs. Direct labor costs. Overhead costs. They all add up. Use cost tracking from Cin7 to automatically track components and calculate the accurate cost of goods sold.

Track by batch and expiration

Do you need to keep track of which customer got which specific item? Trust Cin7’s serial/batch number and expiration date tracking to tie inventory sales to specific end customers.

Additional Features

Order consolidation

See all of your orders from your eCommerce & Marketplace channels before syncing to your accounting application.

Multiple stock locations

Maintain a complete view of stock levels across all your organization's locations for improved fulfillment and better decision-making.

Landed costs

Know the true cost of your imported products for accurate gross margin calculations and pricing decisions.

Manufacturing support

Create unlimited sub-assemblies and BOMs to manufacture your finished product and improve visibility across your organization.


We do not recommend using Cin7 Core as a stand alone accounting system and advise our customers to use one of our natively built integrations with Xero or QuickBooks Online.
The Chart of Accounts, Payment Terms and Tax Rules need to be created first in the accounting application and then synced over to Cin7 Core, the inventory tracking in Xero and QuickBooks Online should be disabled.
Yes, if you are transitioning from QuickBooks Online to Xero or viceversa, and you already have one or the other accounting system integrated with Cin7 Core, you may also switch at anytime.
Yes, you can export historical data from Cin7 Core to QuickBooks Online or Xero, which registers all documents and related items (products, vendors, customers, etc.). Use this feature to export all data to your accounting application for a particular date range. To start the export process, select a start date and then click the Export Historical Data button.
Yes, if you make a change to an invoice in Cin7 Core, it will automatically update that invoice in the accounting application when you sync.