Sell in any e-Commerce channel from one place

Unite your inventory across the whole e-Commerce ecosystem

Sell everywhere with confidence

Publish real-time product listings across every storefront and e-Commerce platform. Manage the whole inventory lifecycle (from inventory to pricing, orders and fulfillment) from one place.

Cin7 Core really helps with multiple channels, and syncing locations, and ensuring that our accounting is correct.

Paul Chamberlain, Co-founder Royal Essence

Never run out of stock

See how every order and shipment across every channel impacts your stock levels in real-time – to maximize your sales and eliminate stock outs.

Sell where your customers are

Cin7 Core integrates with the most popular e-Commerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Additional Features

Discount and coupon management

Sync your coupons and discount codes into Cin7 for additional visibility into your marketing and sales efforts.

Integrated reporting

Let go of the spreadsheets and see all of your sales information by channel and by product.

Allow backorders

Allow customers to purchase even when a product is out of stock, generating backorders.

Simple auto-assembly

Sell through your e-Commerce channels, and send BOMs so your team can assemble to order.


Cin7 inventory management system integrates seamlessly with many channels including: Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce, ShipStation, Etsy, and Square. We’re often adding new integrations as well. See all available integrations.
Yes, it is possible to link several e-Commerce stores to a single Cin7 account, with each linked store having its independent catalog, logs, and settings.
Cin7 allows you to automate the fulfillment of all the orders coming from each e-Commerce platform by choosing the auto pick, pack, and ship function and by choosing the invoice to be synced with Cin7 in the authorized status.
Yes, Cin7 allows choosing between no consolidation and daily consolidation options. Daily Consolidation will consolidate all orders from that day into a single order. When Daily Consolidation is chosen, an additional setting becomes available: Consolidation Time. This is your local time when all pending orders aggregated during the day will be processed.
Yes, Cin7 e-Commerce inventory management software allows you to set up multiple price tiers for your products and set a default price when the products are downloaded from and updated in your e-Commerce store.
When a customer places an order, Cin7 can automatically route the order to the inventory location nearest to the provided shipping address for fulfillment. Cin7 provides an Order Routing setting that facilitates this process.
When the order is canceled or deleted, Cin7 automatically finds and voids the corresponding sale task, if created, or removes an associated pending order if the order has not yet been processed.
Any imported order is saved to the Pending Orders section. It is a temporary storage of all sales and payments in Cin7. If an order already has an entry in the Log (i.e. was imported previously), it will be skipped. This guarantees that no duplicate sales will be created by Cin7.