Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing: cut waste, grow productivity, streamline everything

Make more products in less time at a lower cost with a 360-degree view of your production environment and inventory posture

Faster delivery timelines and more visibility

Streamline every element of your production process from one place. From the shop floors and work centers to materials and labor, use Cin7 Core to drive efficiency throughout every step.

See (and grow) your true capacity

Here’s how you make production decisions with 100% certainty: connect the working days and operational hours in your factory calendar to your resource availability.

The result? You always have the right people, equipment and materials to meet demand. Plus, you can see what you need to change to grow.

Cin7 Core

End-to-end BOM traceability

Seamlessly track material flow between setup, manufacturing and quality control processes. Simplify the complex with nested production, phantom, and customizable BOMs.

Additional Features

Custom production process settings

Automate stock transfers and purchase order replenishment. Control every production order or set them to trigger as soon as finished goods sell.

Production order management

Complete visibility into your production requirements — calculate timelines and split orders into multiple production runs.

Capacity planning

Optimize your capacity for a selected planning period – see which resources are overallocated, and re-plan the capacity to ensure smooth delivery of production orders.

Production scheduler

Keep your customers' stores full of your products with easy re-ordering, and order history tracking.


MRP stands for Materials Requirements Planning. A complex manufacturing system requires tools that can handle advanced planning and scheduling functionality.

The Advanced Manufacturing module in Cin7 Core combines materials requirements planning with inventory management, warehouse management, accounting, and more to provide a comprehensive set of tools for a cloud ERP solution.
Assembly BOM, part of the Simple Manufacturing module, involves only one operation. It lists products and service items, but it does not take into account resource capacity and operation scheduling. Learn more about Bills of Materials

Production BOM, in the Cin7 Core Advanced Manufacturing module, goes beyond assembly and can involve many operations. It also factors in resource capacity and operation scheduling for improved visibility.
The Capacity Planner is a resource allocation reporting and re-planning tool. The Capacity Planner shows the capacity for a selected planning period, which resources are overallocated, and allows re-planning of capacity.
The Cin7 Core Production Scheduler visualizes Production Order information. It creates a schedule for production, so all finished products are produced on time, providing smooth production without any delays. Scheduler provides the ability to reschedule Production Orders, Production Runs, and operations.
A bill of materials explosion displays an assembly at the highest level broken down into its individual components and parts at the lowest level. Production BOMs can contain finished products (products with their own production BOM) or assembled components (products with their own Assembly BOM).
Cin7 Core allows you to define manufacturing processes for multiple finished products at a time. The primary product of a production process is a finished product, but coproducts, byproducts, and joint production products are also classified as finished products and supported in Cin7 Core.
Different products may go through the same production process, making it difficult to differentiate costs among products early in production. During this stage, your organization may be incurring joint costs. Cin7 Core allows the products in production to go through split-off points to become separate and distinct from one another. After split-off, each product incurs separable costs
Cin7 Core allows for two types of cost allocations for products: