Save hours of manual work with automation

Set up automated notifications, tasks, reports and workflows, such as invoice approvals and payments, to save time and labor on every inventory and accounting process

Approve and track more invoices with less work

Design an automated workflow that fits your needs. Include as many approval steps and approvers as needed to validate and pay invoices.

Effortless stakeholder management

Automatic notifications and reports mean customers and stakeholders always know what to do next – so your whole business gets faster.

Seamless next steps

Set tasks and reminders throughout your workflow to ensure the right person is always on the right task at the right time.

Additional Features

Abandoned Carts

Configure email reminders to encourage a customer to complete the abandoned cart sale

Mailing Lists

Create groups of internal or external contacts for convenient and efficient notification deliveries


Yes, with Cin7 you can set up notifications to users and customers. They can be delivered as alerts within the Cin7 notification center for users and as emails. You can also send notifications to third-party applications.
The Automation module allows you to create mailing lists of internal and external contacts for easy notification. These mailing lists can be used to group email notifications or send scheduled reports to the mailing list recipients.
Reports can be run daily, weekly, or monthly and sent to key stakeholders directly from Cin7 Core.
System reminders are used for pending tasks that need your attention. Reminders appear in the Reminders portlet on your dashboard, where you can click through to see more detail and take the appropriate action.