Cin7 Product Updates

24 September, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 24th September, 2023

FEATURES: Create custom filters for sales list, display sale order type (advanced, simple, service) on sales list, download additional product properties to Cin7 Core from Shopify and more! Feature 1: Create custom filters for sales list Impact area: Sales module Introduction: In addition to the sales list filters that are already available, with this release, […]

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17 September, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 17th September, 2023

Electronic data interchange (EDI) Performance improvements We’ve made upgrades to the EDI schedular to reduce errors and improve regularity. B2B Promotion Promotions at Product level Create B2B promotions for specific products. Your promotion could either apply to a product category (e.g. all shirts) or specific products (e.g. all polo shirts). B2B Calculate Freight by Order […]

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10 September, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 10th September, 2023

FEATURES: UI improvements for QBO integration, import Shopify order type to sale additional attribute field, acknowledge Walmart orders from Cin7 Core, and more!   Feature 1: Quickbooks Online – UI improvements for integration settings Impact area: QuickBooks Online Introduction: We have made some UI improvements to the integration settings, separating sync options, general, and advanced […]

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13 August, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 13th August, 2023

FEATURES: Customer tag download improvement for Shopify, pay Core subscriptions with AMEX, hyperlinking added to more inventory reports, and more! Feature 1: Core subscriptions can be paid with AMEX Impact area: Core Cin7 subscription Introduction: AMEX has been added as an accepted payment method for Core products and subscriptions. More information: My subscription Feature 2: […]

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