Connected Inventory Performance 101

If you want to spend more time growing your business and less time managing your inventory, you need inventory management that takes care of itself.

Bring flow to your inventory lifecycle.

Most inventory management tools treat your end-to-end inventory lifecycle like a series of disconnected processes (and ask you to make sure everything keeps flowing).

Connected Inventory Performance takes care of the flow for you – by visualizing all your inventory data (wherever it lives), tracking every event (wherever it goes) and automating the critical steps to keep products moving.

Seven ways you win with Connected Inventory Performance

Automate processes for notifications, approvals and reports between multiple stakeholders. Create touchless workflows that keep the inventory lifecycle moving.
Decouple expansion from complexity – sell in new channels and territories in a few clicks. Automate sales order processing to fulfill more orders in less time.
Integrate with over 700+ applications out of the box. Or use our native integrations to connect to anything in your tech stack.
Consolidate large and disparate supply chains into one source of truth – across any region and channel (including EDI and 3PL).
Instant, real time visibility, traceability and reporting insights across the whole inventory lifecycle – throughout every system and across the whole inventory ecosystem.
Cut waste, re-work and errors across your whole inventory operation. Control costs and drive efficiency everywhere to optimize spend and protect margin.
Get more time to hone your strategy, develop new products and grow your brand.

Get started with Core or Omni

Connected Inventory Performance comes in two flavors.


Core comes with everything you need to grow a world-class inventory operation, right out-of-the-box (and integrates seamlessly with whatever’s in your tech stack).


Omni is better for custom configuration and integration requirements for native 3PL fulfillment and selling through EDI retailers.

Stop managing your inventory.
Start connecting it.