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Increase efficiency, save time, and sell more with powerful features built for your B2B ecommerce channel.

Product flexibility

Product flexibility

Create a specific product catalog. Sell product bundles, size and color variations, and unlimited pack sizes from your B2B stock.

Actual stock levels

Actual stock levels

Show customers real-time stock availability from any warehouse, 3PL warehouse, or other branch.

Convenient ordering

Convenient ordering

Your customers can easily search product catalogs, re-order products, and order in bulk.

Order details

Order details

Customers can add delivery dates and instructions--ship orders when and how they want them.

Routing automation

Routing automation

Set orders to go automatically to a specific warehouse or 3PL warehouse for efficient fulfillment.

Pricing and promotions

Pricing and promotions

Show customers products at their price tier, and set up special deals just for them.

<strong>It's a brilliant platform</strong> that allows business customers to go on a website, order what they want and... happy days.

It's a brilliant platform that allows business customers to go on a website, order what they want and... happy days.

Daniel David — KAS Australia


Expand your customer base and shipping capabilities

Grow your online presence

Set up multiple B2B online stores by region or product range or by customer groups.

Integrated and fast

Do away with the need to set up products across multiple platforms and leverage Cin7's B2B platform with its inventory management capabilities.

Save time and money

Easy to get started and use; no IT team or developer required. Plus, do away with manual order entry and save time. It’s the best ecommerce platform for startups.

Other features

Let your buyer order in bulk by importing orders through a .CSV file. Also, sell in multiple pack sizes to increase sales volumes.


Common questions about B2B online stores

No, but that’s part of its strength. B2B Online Stores come with Cin7’s comprehensive inventory management, order automation, pricing, and product information built-in. That means when you use Cin7 to manage inventory, you can quickly set up a store that shows actual stock availability – and speeds up fulfillment – unlike other ecommerce platforms which require additional development and integration.

B2B Online Stores are only available on our Business plan and up. You can set-up one online store, out-of-the-box, or add more stores depending on your needs. Our sales team will help you design a solution that is just right for your business. They will explain your options and prices so you get exactly what you need.

B2B Online Stores allows your customers to make on-account or credit card purchases by using Payment Portal.

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