B2B Sales Portal

Optimize Your B2B Sales with Our Integrated E-commerce Portal

Deliver a seamless eCommerce experience for your wholesale customers with a B2B eCommerce store and sales portal

Faster, easier ordering

Bring consumer-grade simplicity to the B2B and wholesale buying experience. The B2B portal provides one place for buyers to browse customer catalogs, place orders and manage delivery timelines – and frees your team from manual order entry and error resolution.

It’s a brilliant platform that allows business customers to go on a website, order what they want and… happy days.

Daniel David, KAS Australia

Always in stock

Your Cin7 B2B sales portal is integrated with your existing inventory and accounting systems. Your customers see the same stock availability you do, and you can recognize revenue using your existing accounting rules.

Reward your best customers

Tailor your pricing to every customer based on tiers or types, and set up customized promotions to increase sales and move stale inventory.

Additional Features

Custom catalogs

Create specific product catalogs with product bundles, sizes, and color variations for your B2B customers.

Simplify re-orders

Keep your customers' stores full of your products with easy re-ordering, and order history tracking.


Cin7 Core and Omni both offer comprehensive inventory management, order automation, pricing, and product information management. B2B stores are built on the same platform, so you can quickly set up a portal that shows actual stock availability and speeds up fulfillment without managing another platform.
B2B online stores allow your customers to make on-account or credit card purchases.
In the B2B portals, you can create a custom menu, sorting options, and upload multiple images for customers to find just what they’re looking for.