Inventory Management for Distributors

Inventory Management Software that connects your distribution business end-to-end

Procure, store and sell products across multiple warehouses, cities and countries with full inventory tracking, easy product bundle assembly and real time cost of goods sold (COGS) analysis

Procure smarter, store efficiently, deliver faster

Get full visibility into inventory across warehouses, use built in currency conversion, auto bundle products, deliver faster with built in shipping integrations, and make decisions based on real time reporting to grow your business and boost profits.

Less walking, more winning

Warehouse employees using Cin7 saved up to 40% of their walking time during picking. Guided walk paths, dedicated warehouse zones and wave-based picking capabilities result in a lower cost-per-order.

Faster, easier ordering

Bring consumer-grade simplicity to the B2B and wholesale buying experience. The B2B portal provides one place for buyers to browse customer catalogs, place orders and manage delivery timelines – and frees your team from manual order entry and error resolution.

Additional Features

Operate from the warehouse floor

Enable warehouse employees to view information and execute pick, pack and ship actions in real time from their devices with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) mobile app.

Batch and expiration tracking

Keep track of which product is going to each customer with batch and serial item tracking. Track expiration dates, and proactively manage recalls.

Avoid out-of-stocks

Reorder with ease and avoid the headache of out-of-stocks when your warehouse and inventory management systems are automated and in sync.

Custom catalogs

Create specific product catalogs with product bundles, sizes, and color variations for your B2B customers.