When is Outsourcing to 3PLs the Right Call?

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A lot of retailers and wholesalers outsource to a 3PL at a pivotal stage in their growth. Whether it’s a startup eCommerce company, a growing ...

Cin7 a FrontRunners Quadrant Leader Again

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Cin7 once again made the Leader category in the most recent FrontRunners Inventory Management Software quadrant. Based largely on user ratings, the Quadrant reflects that ...

Can You Deliver Great Customer Experience?

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How do you define customer experience? The truth is, it’s a broad term with no single, commonly used meaning. Is it about technology and digitally ...
B2B eCommerce

3 Ways B2B eCommerce Keeps Growing in Importance

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At first blush, eCommerce may seem like a threat to distributors and some wholesalers. If suppliers can sell directly to their customers, why go through ...

Did Google Assistant Pass the Turing Test?

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Google Assistant knocked a lot of people’s socks off at the company's recent developers conference. CEO Sundar Pichai shared a recorded phone exchange between a ...