3 Ways POS and eCommerce Go Together

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What in the world is Shopify doing? Last week it introduced its own POS payment hardware. The company announced it would make the POS and ...

Amazon Officially Confirms Australia Plans

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We here at the Cin7 blog have seen the writing on the wall since late 2016 about Amazon’s plans to go full-on in Australia. Until ...

Where Will B2C eCommerce Lead Us?

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The march of eCommerce continued its pace in 2016. The US Department of Commerce estimates that online retail sales to consumers reached nearly $400 billion ...

The Ever-Growing Importance of Data in Supply Chains

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One of the most important inventory goals any business can set for itself is to plan for inventory and demand. The point is to get ...

Ready to Grow with the B2B eCommerce Evolution?

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If you asked us last year, the B2B eCommerce evolution seemed to be in a more-or-less primordial stage. But, with more B2B marketplaces and platforms ...

Will a Click-and-Collect Incentive Help Retailers?

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Falling foot-traffic has brick-and-mortar retailers tossing and turning. In the face of eCommerce, how do you make all your channels work? Will more retailers turn ...

Shipping Steps in to Improve Order Fulfillment

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We already know how Amazon is giving big traditional retailers a run for their money. But its fast, free delivery deals impact retailers of all ...

Cin7 Officially Integrates With ShipStation

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Cin7 today officially launched its integration with ShipStation, a US-based shipping solution that helps online retailers streamline order fulfillment wherever they sell and however they ...
What's New in Cin7 in March?

Upgrades and Updates to Cin7 for April

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Cin7 strives to improve the customer experience. As we continuously build up the Cin7 App Store with new eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, 3PLs, retailers, and many ...

5 Ways to Thrive in Retail Like a Nordstrom

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What makes Nordstrom continue to tick in a time of retail chains unwinding? Nordstrom appears to thrive in retail. And this in a year that ...