Do These 3 SMB Worries Seem Familiar?

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Give credit to people who set out on their own in business. It takes guts to pursue something that is much more than a day ...

How to Benefit From The Amazon Disruption

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Two companies this week responded to the global Amazon disruption. First, a retail chain founder vowed to match Amazon prices. Then, a global online marketplace ...

The Continuing Reinvention of Retail

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Good brick-and-mortar retail can no longer stand on display-and-pray. What I mean is, keep shelves stocked to the brim and hope for the best from ...

Win More With a Supply Chain Strategy

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The sexiest, savviest move a business can make could be to develop a supply chain strategy. After all, a significant percentage of small manufacturers don’t ...
Enter Cin7

Case Study: Leaders Cosmetics

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Leaders Cosmetics landed in America in August 2015. Its timing could not have been better. The Seoul-based company had been manufacturing skin care products for ...

Is the B2B-B2C Divide Disappearing?

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What do traditional sales channels mean as technology and customer demand change the rules? As we’ve seen for a while the B2B-B2C divide gets fuzzier ...

How Big is Pure-Play eCommerce in Apparel?

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I’m neither very young nor very fashionable, so forgive me if I can’t understand shopping for clothes online. Many other people do, which goes to ...

3 Reasons More Companies Outsource to 3PLs

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Supply chain management is a science. You’re not a scientist. That’s one of the reasons more business owners like your outsource to 3PLs more than ...

Case Study: Sidelife Surfs Big Waves at Byron Bay

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He’s expanded his company far beyond its first Mr Simple store, but Sidelife founder David Fraser still finds time to surf in Byron Bay at ...
Customer satisfaction is king

3 Lessons in Customer Satisfaction

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We all know too well the travails of brick-and-mortar. But a retail customer satisfaction index rose significantly last year. That’s good news for a traditional ...