How to Drop Ship Products with Cin7

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Retailers can make sales without the cost of carrying inventory when they drop ship from suppliers and manufacturers. Drop shipping really requires three things: a ...

3 Ways Marketplace Sellers Can Move More Inventory

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As a marketplace seller, there are several components to a sound growth strategy—one being inventory management. More specifically, how quickly you turn inventory. The key ...
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What Online B2B Channel Do You Need?

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Wholesalers can use online B2B channels to improve sales and customer service. Simply put, these channels add convenience and speed for B2B buyers that know ...
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Do Customers Really Care About Omnichannel?

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You may be among those retailers that simply hate the term omnichannel. After all, the word itself doesn’t exactly send customers to shop on your ...
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The Most Recent Upgrades and Fixes in Cin7

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Hey, customers. In case you missed the most recent customer newsletter, here are the most recent fixes to Cin7. We continuously look for ways to ...