Nordstrom EDI Compliance & EDI Services

Nordstrom is a well-known US-based chain of luxury department stores with an online store. The company sells clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and more, including home furnishings.

How Cin7 integrates with Nordstrom

To trade with Nordstrom, a supplier must conform with its x12 EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant to send and/or receive the following transaction documents:

  • 850 Purchase Order – Cin7 translates Nordstrom purchase orders as individual sale orders in Cin7.
  • 856 Advanced shipping notice – Cin7 translates ASNs into EDI format and sends to Nordstrom to expect delivery of order.
  • 810 Invoice – Send Cin7 generated invoices to Nordstrom for items dispatched to Nordstrom.
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Request 
  • 997 Functional acknowledgements – Send and receive notices of receipt of purchase orders and invoices.

Why should inventory and EDI be connected?

Make your business EDI capable for Nordstrom using the most widely-used, most trusted, easiest-to-use solution in retail. Use Cin7 with its built-in EDI connectivity to eliminate the time, expense, and complication of third-party EDI software, while reaping the benefits of Cin7’s real-time inventory management capability.

Here are some key benefits of using Cin7 and its built-in direct EDI integration to Nordstrom:

  • A single system to process orders and manage trade with an EDI retailer.
  • A single interface that reduces data entry requirements and the risk of error.
  • Direct means purpose built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts based on events.
  • Streamlined and automated sales and invoice processing.
  • A single vendor to deal with for technical support.
  • Real-time stock visibility and stock levels across all your sales channels.
  • Greater stock visibility as Nordstrom orders automatically come into Cin7, reducing stock availability.
  • Cin7 warehouse management means stock is removed straight away to avoid overselling.
  • Create purchase orders directly based on EDI orders.