Hudson’s Bay EDI Integration

Hudson’s Bay is one of North America’s biggest retailers of everything from luxury items to home products, selling through such iconic chains as Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor in the US and Hudson’s Bay in Canada.

How Cin7 Integrates with Hudson’s Bay

When you become a supplier to Hudson’s Bay, don’t waste time and money setting up an EDI connection.

Use Cin7’s built-in EDI and eliminate the time, expense, and complication of third-party EDI software.

Reap the benefits of comprehensive inventory management with direct EDI integration to Hudson’s Bay:

  • A single system to eliminate wasteful, redundant, and error-prone data entry that using third-party EDI webforms would entail.
  • Automated EDI form translation for seamless, streamlined transaction processing.
  • Purpose-built to meet the EDI requirements of Hudson’s Bay.
  • Simplified support. No need to coordinate with multiple software, VAN, and EDI providers.

Great Reasons to Integrate Inventory and EDI

When you integrate to Hudson’s Bay with Cin7’s all-in-one cloud inventory, POS, and 3PL solution, you get:

  • Greater stock visibility. Cin7 automatically adjusts available stock, in real-time, with every order.
  • Better inventory control. Cin7 adjusts stock immediately to prevent overselling.
  • More efficient operations. Easy purchase order creation based on EDI orders without tedious, redundant data entry.