Foodstuffs is one of New Zealand’s biggest grocery distributors, supplying and operating some of the country’s best-known supermarket and wine and spirits chains.

How Cin7 Integrates with Foodstuffs

In order to begin trading with Foodstuffs, a supplier must be able to send and receive transaction documents electronically, conforming to the company’s EDIFACT EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant to send and/or receive the following transaction documents:

  • ORDERS—Receive purchase orders directly in Cin7.
  • DESADV—Send advanced shipping notices from Cin7.
  • INVOIC—Send invoices from Cin7.
  • CONTRL—Receive and send functional acknowledgments.

Great Reasons to Integrate Inventory and EDI

Don’t waste time and money setting up an EDI connection when you become a Foodstuffs supplier. Use Cin7’s built-in EDI and eliminate the time, expense, and complication of third-party EDI software. Reap the benefits of inventory management with direct EDI integration to Foodstuffs:

  • A single system to eliminate wasteful, redundant, and error-prone data entry that using third-party EDI webforms would entail.
  • Automated EDI form translation for seamless, streamlined transaction processing.
  • Purpose-built to meet all of Foodstuffs’ EDI requirements.
  • Simplified support. No need to coordinate with multiple software, VAN, and EDI providers.
  • Greater stock visibility. Cin7 automatically adjusts available stock, in real-time, with every order.
  • Better inventory control. Cin7 adjusts stock immediately to prevent overselling.
  • More efficient operations. Easy purchase order creation based on EDI orders without tedious, redundant data entry.