Costco Wholesale (Australia)

Costco Wholesale is an international chain of membership warehouses that carry quality, brand name merchandise at competitive prices. Individuals and small-business owners must become members to shop at Costco. Note this integration is for suppliers to Costco Warehouse in Australia only.

How we integrate with Costco Warehouse

In order to begin trading with Costco as a supplier to its Australian stores, you must be ready to send and receive transaction documents electronically, conforming to the company’s EDIFACT EDI standards. Cin7 is fully compliant to send and/or receive the following transaction documents:

  • ORDERS – Receive purchase orders directly in Cin7.
  • CONTRL – Receive and send functional acknowledgments in Cin7.
  • INVOIC – Send invoices directly from Cin7.

Benefits of built-in direct EDI with Costco

Don’t waste time and money on a separate EDI connection when you become a supplier to Costco Wholesale in Australia. Use Cin7 with its built-in EDI connectivity to eliminate the time, expense, and complication of third-party EDI software, while reaping the benefits of Cin7’s real-time inventory management capability.

Here are some key benefits of using Cin7 and its built-in direct EDI integration to Costco Wholesale EDI:

  • A single system to process orders and manage trade with an EDI retailer.
  • A single interface that reduces data entry requirements and the risk of error.
  • Direct means purpose built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts based on events.
  • Streamlined and automated sales and invoice processing.
  • A single vendor to deal with for technical support.
  • Real-time stock visibility and stock levels across all your sales channels.