Dropship to Amazon Customers

Cin7 makes dropshipping easier to manage for Amazon Vendors and companies invited to sell using Amazon Direct Fulfillment.

Cin7 and Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Cin7 integrates Amazon Direct Fulfillment orders with your inventory management and warehouse/3PL. This allows Cin7 to automate order processes for drop shipping, no humans required.


Real-Time EDI

Cin7 eliminates the need to manage orders in separate vendor portals through our native and real-time EDI Connector. The real-time EDI Dashboard shows you every workflow step and every action you need to take to fulfill an order.

Download Orders

Automatically download dropshipping orders from Amazon and see what step you need to take next to fulfill the order.

Confirm Orders

Automatically acknowledge orders and send order confirmations to Amazon, and use the real-time EDI Dashboard to review and action orders.

3PL Automation

Cin7 can fully automate pick requests, pick confirmations, advanced shipping notices and invoices, based on triggered events.

Warehouse and Shipping

Cin7 can automate fulfillment processes to dramatically reduce your workload when you dispatch orders and ship from your own warehouse.

Inventory Feed

Cin7 automatically shares with Amazon your inventory levels and available stock in real-time.