Cin7 for Amazon inventory control

Cin7 keeps your stock in line with orders as an Amazon seller or vendor, and if you use Fulfillment by Amazon or Dropship. Gain real-time stock visibility, order automation, and accurate Amazon fee reporting in one inventory control platform that integrates every channel and location where you sell and hold your products.

Benefits of Cin7 for brands that sell on Amazon

Cin7 brings your Amazon channels and fulfillment together in one system, increasing your efficiency and reducing the risk of stock-outs and double-selling. From the marketplace to Amazon Vendor using our Direct EDI integration, Cin7 has your back.


Multichannel Management

Cin7’s built-in modules and 200+ integrations let you manage and coordinate Amazon, eCommerce, Retail POS and 3PL/warehouses in one platform.

Workflow Automation

Reduce administration tasks managing Amazon and automate up to 80% of all order, fulfillment and inventory processes.

Full Visibility

Gain real-time visibility of stock levels and orders for better insight and coordination of Amazon and all your channels.

Precision Costing

See how Amazon fees, commission and shipping impact your business and factor-in landed costs for accurate gross profit reporting.

Product Variation

Track products in all their variety when you buy and sell in different units of measure, and sell in different sizes, colors and more.

Shipping Plans

Tell Amazon the products you will send, the quantity and shipping methods, and more.