Connected Inventory Performance

Manage less.
Sell more.
Connect everything.

Product businesses need more than inventory management to grow.
Connected Inventory Performance automatically creates a real-time picture of everything you make and sell, everywhere you need it – across systems, channels, marketplaces and regions.

Connected Inventory Performance

Sell products anywhere.
Drive performance everywhere.

125+ million

Orders per year


Cin7 customers

35+ billion

Gross merchandise value

All the scale. Zero complexity

Connected Inventory Performance makes it easy for product businesses to reach customers wherever they buy.

See how Connected Inventory Performance works

Automate your inventory lifecycle

Touchless traceability, from supplier to customer (and everything in between).

  • Connect your whole data ecosystem in one simple interface
  • Sell into new channels and territories in a few clicks
  • Save time and money with zero-touch automations
  • Grow with over 700+ pre-built integrations and capabilities

Our solution

There are two paths towards Connected Inventory Performance:


Core comes with everything you need to grow a world-class inventory operation, right out-of-the-box (and integrates seamlessly with whatever’s in your tech stack).


Omni is better for custom configuration and integration requirements for native 3PL fulfillment and selling through EDI retailers.

Not sure what you need?

Maybe you want to build an efficient, automated, error-free inventory operation from the ground up.

Maybe you want to increase your profitability and reach new channels and markets.

Maybe you want to leave inventory burnout behind and get back to growing your business.

Wherever you’re at in your inventory journey, we can help. Take a look at our Connected Inventory Performance primer to see where to start.

Hear how customers are winning with Connected Inventory Performance.

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Stop managing your inventory.
Start connecting it.