Scale Up Faster and More Profitably

Automate Order Routing

Have online orders flow directly to your 3PLs. Have automated rules dispatch orders from the best location.

5-star Fulfillment

Use local 3PLs to avoid slow deliveries and limit your risk of marketplace penalties, and negative reviews.

Faster, Efficient Fulfillment

With our built-in 3PL connections, you avoid the complexity of managing remote warehouses.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Scale your business dramatically without hiring more staff by fulfilling orders efficiently from 3PLs.

“Automatically sending communication back and forth to the 3PL has been a huge help,” Andrew says. “If we notice that the inventory is not aligning we can quickly see it in Cin7 in real-time and then ask for more information from our 3PL to get a clear idea of what’s going on rather than waiting until the end of the month.”
Andrew Sutton, Head of Operations, Tipsy Elves

Automated 3PL Communications Gives You Real-time Insight

Turn Complexity into Insight

Real-time inventory levels, overstocked/understocked products, dispatched orders, and dispatch performance.

Move Stock Faster

Optimize stock levels and simplify your workflows, reduce admin tasks with accounting, 3PLs and automation.

Orchestrated Warehousing

Gain full visibility of your inventory across all stock locations -- in one accurate, centralized solution.

Expert Setup and Testing

Move quickly and wisely with our in-house 3PL teams. Expert 3PL set-up, mapping, automation, and testing.

Third Party Logistics (3PLs)

Does Cin7 require you to use any third-party technology for 3PL fulfillment?

No. Cin7 builds 3PL into its integrations with nearly 200 3PLs and is adding more 3PLs every month. You only need Cin7; as we do it all, in real-time.

Yes. By combining inventory management with native 3PL integrations, Cin7 comes at a lower total cost of ownership compared with most ERPs and inventory management solutions. You gain from our experience supporting thousands of product sellers and hundreds of 3PL connections.

Cin7’s Customer Success and in-house 3PL teams have a wealth of experience with Product Sellers with 3PL and seller-managed warehouses. We share this knowledge with our customers so that you get the best Cin7 setup for your current and future business operating model.