This is a cloud-based solution for automated shipping and labeling. It connects UK companies (especially those with eCommerce channels) to their shippers and carriers, and provides a flexible rules engine to efficiently communicate how orders are to be delivered.


Shiptheory is an online solution for automated shipping and labelling. The web-based app makes shipping smarter by fully automating your shipping fulfillment process, without the need for manual data entry or file uploads.


Shiptheory allows you to create customisable shipping rules based on a variety of conditions, such as weight, order value and destination. Shipping labels can even be printed on the go with a mobile device using their handheld barcode scanner app.


Shiptheory puts your customer satisfaction at the forefront by working with trusted delivery carriers including Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD and many more.


How Cin7 Integrates with Shiptheory

Integrate Cin7 with Shiptheory to automate your fulfillment process with instant shipping label printing and simple inventory management. It’s easy to connect your Cin7 account to Shiptheory, simply follow these steps.


 Integrate Cin7 with Shiptheory to:

  • Automatically print shipping labels
  • View your orders and shipments in one easy to use dashboard
  • Ship internationally with auto-generated customs forms and commercial invoices
  • Edit product information such as dimensions and weights
  • Send tracking numbers to your customers when an order has been shipped