Get smarter order fulfillment with Cin7's ShipStation integration 

ShipStation helps eCommerce retailers efficiently process, fulfill and ship orders from popular online marketplaces and shopping carts using all the top carriers. Cin7 integrates with ShipStation for streamlined order fulfillment.

How does ShipStation integration work?

With Cin7 and ShipStation, you can:

  • Add ShipStation-calulated shipping fees to sales orders in Cin7.
  • Easily download orders to ShipStation for label and dispatch.
  • Update Cin7 with shipment status and details after dispatch.

What is ShipStation?

ShipStation helps eCommerce retailers to organize, process, and ship orders efficiently using any web browser on any Android or iOS device. With over 100 marketplaces, carriers, and fulfillment services, including Amazon, FBA, eBay, Etsy, Big Cartel, Shopify, Bigcommerce, USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, and more, you can streamline shipping wherever you sell and however you ship.

ShipStation’s sophisticated automation features help you shave hours off your fulfillment process and will save you money with discounted USPS rates and a free USPS postage provider account. Print wirelessly and share your printer with ease thanks to ShipStation Connect. With filters, views, and user settings, you can make ShipStation your own—customize it to suit your needs. Handle your business on-the-go with ShipStation’s mobile app (free for iOS and Android) and do everything from creating orders to printing labels and emailing return labels all from your mobile device.