Cin7 + Square = next level inventory management for growing multi-channel and multi-market brands

By integrating with Square and over 550 marketplaces, 3PLs, shipping solutions, accounting platforms, and more, Cin7 gives you everything you need to manage and scale your business as you sell to more customers in more places.

Why Cin7 + Square?

  • Beautifully orchestrated inventory management – Efficiently manage stock for Square websites and POS as part of your multi-channel, multi-location business, all in one place.
  • Improve customer experience by getting them your products faster Cin7 automatically downloads Square orders to the warehouse/3PL or store closest to your customer for fast fulfillment.
  • Get the visibility and control to carry the right amount of stock across all your warehouses and stores Cin7 gives you a real-time view of your stock levels with powerful dashboards and customizable reports.

Level-up your Square inventory management with Cin7

By integrating Cin7 with Square, you can enhance powerful POS and ecommerce tools with inventory management software built for growing brands.

Dynamic Data

Keep your Square site up to date with accurate stock availability, and sync your product and customer information across all your channels.

Advanced Order Management

Dispatch online orders from multiple warehouses and even retail locations, and set rules to ensure fulfillment when local stock is low.

Integrated Accounting

Automatically batch upload invoices to your accounting solution, and assign Square orders to specified general ledger accounts.

550+ Business-Critical Integrations

Cin7 integrates with over 550 marketplaces, 3PLs, shipping solutions, EDI retailers, accounting platforms, forecasting software sales and marketing tools, and more.

Multi-currency Selling & Purchasing

Cin7 supports all major currencies for selling and purchasing. If an item is purchased in a foreign currency, Cin7 allows you to maintain the exchange rate to meet your requirements.


Use Cin7 to fulfill orders from a 3PL or from your own warehouse.

Typical Cin7-Square workflow

“I wanted something that I wasn’t limited with. I didn’t want it to be that I would change over and that was it, that I was at the maximum of what I could use it for. I want to add more stores. I want to add in different channels like eBay, so there’s room for growth there.”
- Michelle Ghoulmore, Cofounder, Kreepsville 666