Sell More, Eliminate Errors, and Save Time

Win Deals, Profitably and Faster

Give B2B customers accurate pricing, quotes, and payment terms. Watch them become profitable, repeat customers

Price How You Want

Offer price tiers, volume pricing, contract pricing, and order tracking without hours of manual work.

Gain Accurate COGS

Enjoy accurate inventory costs, understand what B2B customers are paying, and know your true bottom line.

Track Rep Achievement

Know which reps are performing. See how reps are performing without wasting time building reports.

“I would say for us it’s a wholesale B2B furniture company’s all-in-one solution that improves efficiency. It streamlines the lead-to-customer process, the CRM-to-quote, to sales order, to account setup. All being in one system really is much, much faster than relying on a support CRM backend tool.”
Brendan McCarthy, Managing Director, Sika Design

Make Reordering and Selling More Fun

Turn Your Data Into Sales

See customer purchase trends and find the next big reorder or new sale. Qualify opportunities in seconds.

Make Revisions Easy

Quote effortlessly. Revise painlessly. Get it right for customers sooner, and win more deals.

Improve Order Control

Nothing's too hard for us. Pre-orders, partial/spilt orders, indent stock, consignment stock - we do it all.

Offer Faster Self-service

Get your orders 100% right for every customer, every time. Make self-serve fun for customers and reps.

Accurate, Efficient Sales Quoting

Does Cin7 connect to accounting software?

Yes. Cin7 integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise. Our Accounting Dashboard allows you to synchronize Cin7 with your accounting software quickly and easily. Cin7 also tracks import duties, freight, and other critical data to give you precise, valuable accounting data.

Yes. Cin7 can be configured to keep orders moving to suit the way you sell products. This includes workflows for handling EDI orders, 3PL integrations, and other workflows.

Yes. Cin7 is built to centralize and streamline processes for all your channels and locations. It reduces the order/inventory admin tasks required for running multiple ecommerce websites, online marketplace integrations, wholesale channels, and large retailer channels that require EDI.