Inventory management for multiple suppliers and sales channels

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Inventory management complexity increases as companies expand their business, especially in the context of supply chains that span multiple markets and channels. The basic problem ...
Inventory Management

3 reasons to hold stock in a 3PL warehouse

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It’s a sign of the times that 3PL warehouse space has expanded in major markets over the years. Driven largely by the growth of eCommerce, ...
Supply Chain Management

What are your supply chain sticking points?

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A break down in supply chain management is bad news for business. Delays, broken processes and other bottlenecks can arise anywhere. For companies of any ...
Amazon Prime Inventory Management

What’s so great about big sales days?

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Amazon in July held its most lucrative Amazon Prime day event ever. Prime members bought more than $4 billion worth of products in just 36 ...

eCommerce Keeps Fueling Fashion Retail Growth

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Recently released data shows what everyone knows in their guts. Not only is eCommerce driving fashion retail growth. It’s also key to helping traditional brick-and-mortars ...