Blog Product Updates: Cin7 and QuickBooks Integration
28 November, 2023

Product Updates: Cin7 and QuickBooks Integration

Without the right tools, inventory management is a constant struggle for product business owners. At Cin7, we bring all the moving parts of inventory optimization together to let you monitor every inventory process in one place and scale with ease.

With Connected Inventory Performance, you can integrate apps like QuickBooks Online into the Cin7 ecosystem, helping you automate time-intensive tasks and reduce inventory inefficiency.  

At Cin7, integration isn’t a “set and forget” process. We constantly update all aspects of Cin7, including integrations, to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. 

About QuickBooks Online

Intuit’s cloud-based accounting solution, QuickBooks Online, integrates with 750+ apps. It has a suite of features to simplify your accounting processes, such as income and expense monitoring and tax deductions. 

As a key integration partner, QuickBooks collaborates with our team and supports our mission to help customers elevate and tailor their inventory experience.   

At this year’s Cin7 Partner Summit in Denver, Colorado, Matt Bright, Senior Product Specialist at Intuit, led a session on QuickBooks Online, and Intuit recently recognized Cin7 as a preferred inventory management system.     

QuickBooks Online integration enhancements

Cin7 Core already integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, but we’ve added some new features to give our customers even more value from QuickBooks and other third-party applications.   

This round of updates includes changes to the settings page for QuickBooks integration and two new features: “No Sync” and “Consolidation.”

Settings page

The settings page has been revised and split into sections to make it easier for our users to navigate the options available to them. The categories are “How integration works,” “General settings,” “Sync options,” and “Advanced settings.” 

In “Integration Settings,” the “Sync options” tab has all the information you need on “sync status,” “autosync,” and “sales channel – sync type.”   

“No sync” option

This update is an important one for customers who use third-party software with their accounting software to perform reconciliation. In accounting, reconciliation means comparing and matching two financial records (e.g., invoices and corresponding payments on bank statements) to ensure all figures are accurate.

When Cin7 customers use third-party software for reconciliation, they may inadvertently create duplicate sales entries. That’s because their sales may be synced from both Core and the software they use for reconciliation. 

We’ve added a “no sync” option to prevent this duplication and let customers achieve automated reconciliation in QuickBooks Online. This option will speed up the time-consuming reconciliation process and reduce related operational costs.

Consolidation option

A consolidation feature for QuickBooks Online is currently being tested and is expected to be released in early 2024. This feature will let our customers consolidate various figures, such as payments, cost of goods sold (COGS), and sales invoices, and create summary entries in QuickBooks Online. 

This feature will be particularly useful for customers who manage their payments and invoices in Cin7 Core. Having these transactions recorded in Core substantially reduces customers’ QuickBooks transactions.

When you use the consolidation option, you can reduce your QuickBooks Online usage to optimize system performance

Access Connected Inventory Performance with Cin7

At Cin7, our +700 software integrations go beyond basic compatibility. We work hard to ensure everything in your tech stack works as it should under one hub, whether Cin7 Core or Omni.    

When you link Cin7 Core to accounting solutions like QuickBooks, you bring inventory management to the next level: Connected Inventory Performance.  

These accounting and inventory integrations help you leverage automation to speed up accounting tasks without sacrificing accuracy. At the same time, Cin7 Core gives you a complete picture of how your revenue from sales stacks up against the cost of goods sold, such as labor and materials.      

Whether you want to navigate your settings options quickly, turn off syncing to avoid duplicate entries in QuickBooks, or consolidate various accounting figures, you’ll find what you need in Cin7 Core. 

Sign up for a free trial today to learn how Cin7’s integration with QuickBooks Online can help you grow your business.

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