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06 December, 2023

Cin7 Core or Omni: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Cin7 enables Connected Inventory Performance (CIP) designed to help small and medium business owners control their business functions and scale seamlessly. To meet the needs of different businesses, Cin7 offers two comprehensive inventory management system platforms: Core and Omni.

Each cloud-based solution is specialized to meet specific business challenges and provide the insights and automation you need to reduce costs, accelerate growth, and future-proof your company.

Once you find the right fit between Core and Omni, you can stop working for your business and start working on it. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose Cin7 Core or Omni to discover which one is best for your business.

Cin7 Core features

Cin7 Core is our turnkey solution that gives you the fundamental tools you need to manage your operations and scale seamlessly. From small businesses to enterprises, leveraging Connected Inventory Performance allows you to integrate inventory with other business functions.

It’s best for businesses that need an out-of-the-box solution with easy onboarding that helps streamline order management and provides real-time visibility into the entire inventory lifecycle. It has integrations with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento, and WooCommerce. 

Cin7 Core’s key capabilities include:

Let’s take a closer look at how Cin7 Core’s features support your business. If these features are essential to your business, Cin7 Core may be the right option for you. 

Materials requirement planning

Cin7 Core enables you to leverage demand-based supply chain management tools, plus real-time inventory data and stock levels, to create accurate demand forecasts that improve your materials requirement planning (MRP)

With Core, you get full visibility into your inventory lifecycle, which means you can optimize your entire supply chain from procurement to order fulfillment. Access to accurate data and insights about your inventory lifecycle allows you to keep carrying costs low by reducing unnecessary components and raw materials.

Warehouse management system

Core offers advanced warehouse management features, including directed picking and zone picking, for maximum fulfillment efficiency and a better customer experience through more accurate orders and faster shipping. Automating the process from receiving and storing to packing, picking, and shipping reduces errors, increases productivity, and lightens the load on your support team.

Advanced manufacturing support

Core’s advanced manufacturing module enables streamlining your entire production process, resulting in faster delivery times and process visibility. Cin7 Core offers end-to-end bill of materials (BOM) traceability to help track your materials and provide accurate production costs. 

You can choose between two cost allocations for your products: 

  • Sales value method: Often used if you don’t have separable costs.
  • Net realizable value method: Generally used if you have significant separable costs.

The module supports complex manufacturing environments, including production planning, scheduling, and shop floor control.

Returns management

Make returns easy for your customer support team and your customers by creating a seamless Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process in Core. With Core, you can customize the returns process to your business needs with return policies like acceptable time frames, for easy returns processing. You can also easily restock products that are returned from the browser or the WMS app.

Mobile apps

Cin7 Core makes accessing real-time inventory data from mobile apps easy by offering seamless integrations with point of sale, e-commerce platforms, warehouse management, and manufacturing execution systems.

Sound like a good fit? Schedule a demo today to see Cin7 Core in action.

Cin7 Omni features

Cin7 Omni is an advanced solution built for brands that want a customizable inventory solution and order management software that empowers scale at an enterprise level when enabling new sales channels or expanding into new areas. 

With over 700 seamless integrations and an open API component, Omni helps you build the business you want without the price of an ERP.

E-commerce and marketplace integration

With Cin7 Omni, it’s easy to scale your business by spinning up new online, wholesale, and retail channels with extensive integrations. Omni includes built-in support for complex workflows, including 3PL and EDI, so you can automate your processes and optimize logistics without third-party vendors.

Contract manufacturing support

Unlock inventory management flexibility and source products more efficiently by supporting relationships with your contract manufacturing partners. Omni makes it easy to add contract manufacturer costs, like labor and other fees, to your production jobs for an accurate cost of goods sold (COGS).

Flexible configuration

When an out-of-the-box solution isn’t enough, Cin7 Omni is highly configurable and lets you tailor workflows to your unique business needs. With Omni, you have access to hundreds of seamless integrations with our partners, enabling you to build out the solution you need without expensive development costs.

Customizable quotes

Cin7 Omni provides effortless quoting for highly variable and complex products with fully customizable quotes, including headers, bundles, and complex formatting. 

With Cin7’s built-in sales quoting software, you can take advantage of self-service, pre-orders, split orders, and consignment stock. Streamline your business operations and seamlessly manage multiple channels, including B2B and D2C.

Multi-entity support

With Cin7 Omni, you can get robust visibility and collective purchasing capability for multiple business entities. Omni makes it easy to create and manage various brands from one single account to help you better manage multiple locations and subsidiary ordering. 

Sound like the solution you need? Schedule a demo today to see how Cin7 Omni can support your business.

Who benefits most from Cin7 Core and Omni

If Cin7 Core or Omni is still a tough choice for you, here’s a look at the types of brands that benefit the most from each solution. 

Cin7 Core excels for: 

  • Made-to-order companies with production planning and shop floor control needs.
  • Finance leaders who need accurate real-time insights into the financial side of production and sales, like inventory accounting and costing.
  • Companies needing an out-of-the-box solution for their streamlined marketplace and e-commerce operations.

For example, paddle sports company AQ Outdoors leverages Cin7 Core to get real-time visibility into their inventory levels, implement a native POS solution, and power their e-commerce stores with a direct Shopify integration. 

Cin7 Omni best supports:

  • Expanding e-commerce brands that need seamless channel integration with customized workflows.
  • Companies that want to automate warehouse operations and reduce the need for manual tasks.
  • Businesses seeking to remove silos and consolidate data sources into one single source of truth.

Case in point, holiday-themed clothing company Tipsy Elves uses Cin7 Omni to support business growth by managing all purchase orders in one platform and connecting website orders directly to their 3PL solution, eliminating the need for manual workflows and retroactive cost corrections. 

Cin7 Core or Omni: Which one is right for your business?

Cin7 Core and Omni are built to help modern sellers grow their businesses without becoming overwhelmed by manual processes. Both solutions enable Connected Inventory Performance by giving you real-time visibility into your business and powering automation that helps you sell more while managing less.

Cin7 Core is ideal for brands that need a ready-to-go solution with streamlined onboarding for inventory control, order management, production planning, and shop floor management. Core is a comprehensive inventory management software that’s best for brands who want to streamline e-commerce capabilities but don’t need advanced configurations. 

For active scaling and advanced configuration needs, Cin7 Omni can help you integrate siloed processes. It’s fully customizable, allowing you to future-proof your business while leveraging automation to reduce manual processes and take the complexity out of your day-to-day work.

Get a free demo to see Core and Omni in action so you can confirm which option is right for you.


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