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29 August, 2023

Connected Inventory With Cin7 Core – Recent Updates

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for all summer long – the August Cin7 Virtual Product Event! Wait, you actually have a life outside of developing a connected inventory system? What’s that like? Just kidding, we just love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

And we’ve been super busy working on great new updates this past quarter. Our customers had over $35 billion in GMV in 2022, which is really impressive, and we’re dedicated to continuing to improve our products with the features you’ve asked for so we can help you grow even more in 2023.

We’re not the only ones excited about the prospects of cloud-based intelligent commerce either. IDC polled businesses worldwide, and  67% of respondents said cloud-based technology would probably have the biggest impact on their supply chain performance in the next two years!

We’ve introduced a lot of new features and integrations in the second quarter of 2023. Some of these updates include changes to reports, a new visual scheduler in production, and of course, our new integration with Walmart.

We’ve also got a sneak peek behind the curtain of changes we’re getting ready to roll out in the second half of the year for you.

Our newest changes will help you track your connected inventory over each stage of development and across all the marketplaces you sell on.

Cin7 Core updates and highlights

First of all, we want to give a big shoutout to Ciara Rogers, Senior Product Manager of Production and Manufacturing, and Alexandra Bogusevici, Senior Product Manager for Cin7 Core, for showing us the new updates in action. They demoed some of the new changes to Cin7 Core by walking us step-by-step through a customer order, from the initial phone call all the way through to a return and the restocking process.

Our features are shaped by the feedback we receive from our customers and partners, helping us ensure we create a connected inventory system that addresses their needs.

Easier restocking

Making returns seamless is definitely a priority for our customers. The National Retail Federation estimated 16.5% of all sales in 2022 were returned – that’s a value of $816 billion. We’re making it easier to keep restocks accurate.

Restock at the location of your choice (either from your computer, a mobile device using the Cin7 Core WMS app, or on the shopfloor with Cin7 Core WMS) with the associated sales order number. Once restocked in Cin7 Core, the item becomes available to all of your integrated selling channels, such as your ecommerce site or marketplaces.

Role-based dashboards

Another big change is our new role-based dashboards. We’re starting with our sales dashboard, which will be released soon, and will be introducing others as well. These dashboards will help admins customize the dashboard experience for different users based on their responsibilities, helping with productivity, user experience, and hopefully driving better business outcomes.

New customer dual POS screen

There’s also a new customer-facing screen to help you see what the customer does. You’ll still have your detailed POS screen with a breakdown of line items, but you’ll also see a simplified view that your customers do, helping you to troubleshoot and walk through any customer requests.

Fast app login options

Something your warehouse and manufacturing teams will be excited about is the new ability to log in to the app with Google, Face ID, or fingerprint authentication. One less password to remember is always a win.

Updates to our integrations

While we weren’t selected for the knighthood (yet), Cin7 is now an approved official solution provider for Walmart as of July 2023. And that’s pretty close in the world of retail.

In all seriousness, this means our integration works seamlessly with Walmart’s marketplace (can we get a high-five)! And Walmart trusts Cin7 to keep vendor inventories connected to Walmart’s systems.

When we spoke to Dylan of Seattle Pottery Supply, he told us, “Core has always been the ‘core’ of our stack. I chose Core because of all of the strong integrations as well as the strong API.” Here’s another integration to add to our growing list.

With this integration, you can quickly link or unlink products from your Cin7 Core application and view Walmart-specific sales records as well. You can even sync stock levels between the two platforms.

This joins our list of other integrations, such as with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Quickbooks, and Xero.

Circular diagram with Cin7 integration logos inside of it.

We’ve also made updates to our Quickbooks integration. Now you can sync gift card payments more accurately between Cin7 Core and Quickbooks online. Credit card payments are now correctly reflected in Quickbooks online too. Trust us, your accountants will thank you for this one.

We’re always working to add updates based on customer feedback, so if you’ve got a suggestion for us, we’re all ears.

Coming soon to an inventory intelligence system near you

We’re proud to be an innovative solution to inventory management. As part of our forward-thinking changes, we’ve got some big developments planned for 2023.

Role-based dashboards

Our role-based dashboards will help you focus on the information you need to complete your job. These are personalized for you and your team. First, we’ll be releasing the Sales Dashboard, which aims to provide key insights for various roles, such as Sales Reps or Sales Managers. Users will be able to view KPIs such as Sales Performance, Order Management, Product Performance, and more! We’re also working on a procurement dashboard, and more role-based dashboards are coming soon.

Create product descriptions with ChatGPT

Yes, we’re jumping on the AI bandwagon, this is supposed to be intelligent commerce, after all. We’re excited about the possibilities of machine learning and automation to save you time. We’re leveraging AI tools into practical applications that can help Cin7 and inventory management.

We’re currently working on an integration with ChatGPT to generate better product descriptions for you with the touch of a button, directly from your Cin7 Core product page. We are excited to make this available to our early adopter customers. If you are interested in using this feature and giving us feedback, please contact us at

Let us know if you’d like to be part of the test, we’d love to get your feedback!

The future of connected inventory with Cin7

Like your personal inventory superhero, we’re bringing capabilities that were once only available to enterprise-level corporations to small businesses, democratizing the connected inventory system.

Staying ahead of the curve and developing cutting-edge tools requires us to be faster than the speed of digital, but we’ll never let our forward-facing position compromise our dedication to listening to our customers.

Cin7 Core customer Flo of Marshfield Farms, found Cin7 to be instrumental in bringing their inventory system into the 21st century. “When we moved into Cin7 Core, the level of detail that we can see across all functions of the business is really amazing.”

We’ll continue to prioritize new features that you specifically ask for as we improve our product as a whole. So seriously, please continue providing that awesome feedback.

We’d love to show you how we can bring inventory intelligence to your business. We’re only a click away, so reach out and let us show you how we can help. Cin7 is all about bringing cutting-edge technology to our customers, and we are committed to continually improving inventory systems for everyone.





Stop managing your inventory.
Start connecting it.

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