03 August, 2021

Cin7 Debuts Danny Ing’s Founder Story

Every business starts with someone who knew how to bring an idea to life. But like anyone else, you can’t boil down their motives and drives to a single element. Their lives supply the ingredients that make them an entrepreneur.

So, to better understand what drove someone to create a business, it helps to know their founder story. Cin7 invites you to watch Defying the Odds, a short video telling the founder story of Danny Ing.

Defying the Odds, a Founder Story Video

Cin7 is proud to present Defying the Odds. This short founder story video tells Danny Ing’s journey from early childhood in Vietnam to launching a global software company in 2012.

Among Danny’s earliest memories are playing while his mother worked in the fields of their rural village in northeastern Vietnam in the late 1970s.

While his parents’ hard work would later become a source of inspiration, the young family’s fate back then was still uncertain. Consequences of decades of war left many ethnic-Chinese in Vietnam with difficult choices. So Danny’s parents took a risk along with millions of other “boat people”. Many others did not survive their attempt to seek refuge in other nations. Fortunately, Danny’s family defied the odds. In 1981, they gained refugee status in New Zealand. There, they settled in Te Puke, where Danny would spend his formative years.

He absorbed the Kiwi culture, worked in his parents’ restaurant and became a bit of a computer geek. His parents’ hard work and determination allowed Danny to attend University and earn a business degree. From there, he took life step by step to follow his dream, ultimately founding Cin7. “My biggest takeaway from making this movie is in the title,” Danny says. “If I look back to where I came from, a village in Vietnam then a small town in New Zealand, I never would have imagined then being where I am now.” Cin7 hopes you enjoy the video, and that it inspires you to think about your own journey.




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