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Benefits of using Cin7 with Afterpay

Benefits of using Cin7 with Afterpay
Improve customer experience

Increase customer Loyalty

Get paid up front quickly

Move your inventory faster

Benefits of using Cin7 with Afterpay
Cin7 + Afterpay

Why retailers love Afterpay and Cin7

  • Guaranteed up-front payment: Afterpay pays retailers up front—quickly and automatically. No complicated processes or lengthy wait times.
  • More traffic: Tap into an audience of more than 2.6 million active users in Australia and New Zealand. An average of 4.5 million visits per month originates from Afterpay’s Shop Directory.
  • More conversions: Afterpay empowers customers to budget, helping with purchases that may otherwise seem unattainable.
  • Higher engagement: Afterpay customers come back more often, bringing higher lifetime value and loyalty.
  • Zero fraud or credit risk: Afterpay assumes all end-customer non-payment risk for every single transaction.

Cin7 and Afterpay

Because Cin7 is an Afterpay certified partner, integrating Afterpay into your POS fast and easy. Australian and New Zealand brick-and-mortar retailers who use Cin7’s POS module and sign up with Afterpay can accept payments from shoppers who use the Afterpay app. Afterpay transfers money to the retailer at the time of purchase, minus a fee the retailer pays to use the service.

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