15 January, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 15th January 2023


Security reminders for Amazon Seller and FBA integrations

Created a new banner for Amazon Seller and Amazon FBA integration dashboards to remind users to reauthenticate their connections every thirty days. To ensure security, Amazon periodically disconnects all integrations.


Simplifying the accounting dashboards

Enhancements simplifying the Xero and QuickBooks Online dashboards and making them easier to use. We’ve removed unused columns of data, and renamed columns for consistency with source transactions.

Allocate surcharges to default accounts

Enabled surcharges on sales orders and credit notes to be allocated to the default accounts selected in your Xero and QuickBooks Online integration settings.

Stabilizing the QuickBooks Online dashboard

Improved the stability of the QuickBooks Online integration dashboard and stopped transactions from uploading twice and duplicating in your accounting ledger.

Accounting lock date warnings

New added warnings to the Xero and QuickBooks Online dashboards to highlight transactions that won’t sync because they’re dated within a locked accounting period. Find out more about Xero and QuickBooks Online lock dates here.