28 April, 2024

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 28th April, 2024

Role Permissions

Customise sales order locking

Sales orders are locked after invoicing to protect your accounting integrity. Administrators can now choose when a sales order gets locked for different user roles.


Invoice numbers use / for Xero

Xero’s new interface does not support the pipe symbol (|). We’ve replaced the pipe symbol ( | ) with a forward slash ( / ) for invoice numbers synced to Xero.

Shopify partial fulfillment of non-stock items

We have improved our Shopify integration to accommodate more fulfillment orders.

Amazon FBA connection modes

We’ve improved the Connection Mode reliability of the Amazon FBA integration. Previously, some Amazon FBA integrations would change from Live to Test.

Walmart Marketplace multi-quantity line items

We’ve updated our Walmart Marketplace integration to support larger quantities for line items.

Previously, when uploading an order’s status from Omni to Walmart Marketplace, the quantity ordered of each line item was always 1. Now the actual quantity dispatched will be uploaded to Walmart Marketplace when uploading an order’s status.