26 May, 2024

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 26th May, 2024

Welcome to our new Cin7 Help Center!

Omni Virtual Agent

Our Virtual Agent can help you with any questions within Omni. The Virtual Agent can quickly find the answer from our Cin7 Help Center or connect you with our support team.

You can also chat with our support team or submit a request inside the Cin7 Omni chat.

Find your Virtual Agent by clicking ? Help beside your username. You can close the chat by selecting ? Help again.

Cin7 Help Center & Community

We are launching our new customer support platform, the Cin7 Help Center. Solve your problems faster with improved chat functionality and quick access to our help articles, academy, and support. You can also discuss Cin7 Omni with others in our refreshed Community.

Purchase Orders

Alternative Supplier foreign currency costs

The alternative supplier cost for foreign currencies now shows correctly in a purchase order.


New carrier mapping for The Iconic (Marketplace)

Many third-party logistics providers (3PLs) use the International Std – Trackable carrier name. Unfortunately, The Iconic does not accept this carrier name. Now, any 3PLs using International Std – Trackable carrier name will map to the approved Iconic AusPost carrier name.

Downloading multiple images for products from Shopify

We’ve increased the amount of images you can download from Shopify! Cin7 Omni now supports up to three downloaded images from your Shopify store.

Discounts on split Shopify orders

Previously, split Shopify sales orders lost their discounts. Now, those discounts show on the correct sales orders even when split.

Sync products stock levels with Magento 2

We’ve improved the reliability of product downloads and stock levels with our Magento 2 integration. Previously, products and stock levels wouldn’t sync because of a missing element. Now, your products and stock levels should sync with ease.