19 November, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 19th November, 2023


New Insights report: Customers No Longer Buying

We have released a new report: Customers No Longer Buying. This report will show a list of customers who have not had a purchase order for a chosen period of time.

You can install it from the Insight module by accessing to Report Library. Search for the ‘Customers No Longer Buying’ report and install it.


Warehouse Management (WMS)

Scanning size options barcodes in branch transfers

Initially, if a product with a size grid had barcodes for both product options and size options, the branch transfer gave the barcode of the product options, which couldn’t be scanned.

Now branch transfers give barcodes of the size options which can be scanned when picking and packing.


Integrations (Cin7 API)

Credit Note endpoint supports COGS update

You can now request credit notes that have updated COGS through the Cin7 API credit note endpoint.

Sales Order endpoint conversion of foreign currency unit prices

The Sales Order endpoint of Cin7 API now uses the current exchange rate to update unit prices on foreign currency sales orders.


Third Party Logistic

3PL Zenventory integration

Cin7 Omni now supports a Zenventory 3PL integration for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Branch Transfers.