17 September, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 17th September, 2023

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Performance improvements

We’ve made upgrades to the EDI schedular to reduce errors and improve regularity.

B2B Promotion

Promotions at Product level

Create B2B promotions for specific products. Your promotion could either apply to a product category (e.g. all shirts) or specific products (e.g. all polo shirts).


Calculate Freight by Order Weight or Order Value

There are two new freight options for the B2B online store. Once set up, customers will see a freight price based on their total cart weight or total cart value.


New admin accounting settings

We’ve released a new page of admin accounting settings where you can set your company’s default tax rate and customize the references of transactions synced to your accounting software. Find out more in Connect.

Integrations (Cin7 API)

Cin7 API updates the unit price with foreign currency sales orders

The SalesOrder endpoint now updates the unit price for foreign currency sales orders based on the current exchange rate. Previously, the unit price would not show the new value after the exchange rate conversion.