17 December, 2023

Cin7 Omni Enhancements | 17th December, 2023

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Save picking progress (early adopters)

Our early adopters can now pause picking in WMS. Pausing saves their progress by placing the picked items on hold, so they can’t be sold, transferred, or picked for another order. Picking can be resumed at any time.

Printing delivery orders in WMS (early adopters)

Our early adopters can now print delivery orders (or any preferred document template) when packing in WMS. To become an early adopted, contact support.

Scanning recognizes commas and slashes in barcodes

We’ve updated WMS so it recognizes commas (,), forward slashes (/), and back slashes (\) in product barcodes.

Improving WMS shipping integration for Starshipit email notification

We’ve fixed a bug where customers’ email addresses weren’t sent from WMS to StarShipIt. This meant customers weren’t notified about their shipments. Now email addresses are sent to StarShipIt and customers are notified.


Standardizing tax-related interface copy

We’ve changed the names of several pages and fields for consistency throughout the Omni interface:

The Alternative Tax Rates page has been renamed Tax Rates.

The Tax Status field on customer, supplier, branch, and internal CRM contacts has been renamed Tax Rate.

The Xero Tax Types Codes and Quick Books Tax Rates IDs field on alternative tax rates have been renamed Code and Subcode, respectively.


Brandscope integration maintenance and enhancements

We’ve enhanced the Brandscope connection screen so that users will be the ability to connect to custom Brandscope URLs for other testing/onboarding environments.

Fully self-service setup for Amazon FBA

We’ve enabled tenants to make their Amazon FBA connections live without contacting support.