25 June, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 25th June, 2023

Feature 1: Core to Core Networking for advanced purchases and advanced sales

Impact area:

Sales module, purchase module


Previously, Core to Core Networking was working for simple purchases and simple sales but did not support advanced purchases and advanced sales. This has now been expanded. No other functional changes have been applied.

More information:

Core to Core Networking


Feature 2: Inventory reports – Hyperlinking added to take user from report to sale order, production order, product details, etc.

Impact area:

Inventory module, Reports application


Previously, data appearing in inventory reports was not hyperlinked to any page where the data is expanded. For example, the Production Cost Analysis Report shows production orders, the manufactured SKU, component SKUs, shop floor location among other information. Reviewing the data required opening another page to search for the relevant order, SKU, etc. With this release, hyperlinks have been added to several inventory reports to allow users to access this data with a single click.

No other changes to report functionality or scheduled report functionality have been made.


  • User will need the Inventory reporting permission to view reports.
  • User will need various other permissions relating to products and services, sales, purchase, production to view expanded information.


  • The following reports are affected:
    • Inventory Movement Summary
    • Products Stock Level
    • Products Reordering
    • Products Price List