22 October, 2023

Cin7 Core Enhancements | 22nd October, 2023

FEATURES: Choose to show product family as separate products on B2B portal,

totals added to Sales Demand Forecasting report

Feature 1: B2B – Choose to show product family as separate products on portal

Impact area:

B2B portal


Previously, product families listed on B2B portal would always be displayed as a family with options (size, color, flavor, etc.). Some of our users found that this was not optimal for their B2B customers and requested the ability to list variations of a product family as separate products. With this release, a new setting has been added to enable this view.


  • Integrated B2B portal


  • Go to Integrations → B2B portal → [select portal] and select General tab. Scroll to Advanced settings.
  • Turn Show product family as separate products on and save your changes. The new view will be applied to your B2B portal display.

More information:

Set up B2B portal – B2B portal settings

Feature 2: Totals added to Sales Demand Forecasting report

Impact area:

Reports module


Sales Demand Forecasting in Cin7 Core is an estimate of the quantity of goods and services which will be sold over the forecast period. The estimation is done based on the historical data about actual fulfilled sales, and there are multiple forecast models for the user to select. This report can also be used to view quantities of planned sales (quotes and orders that have not yet been fulfilled) for the forecast period.

Generated forecasts can then be exported and fed into the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) feature, to make sure forecast and actual sales demand is taken into account when planning future purchasing, transfers, and production.

With this release, totals have been added to the bottom of the report in line with a customer feature request.


  • Sales reporting permission is required

More information:

Sales Demand Forecasting

Feature 3: Sign in with Microsoft account for WMS and MES applications


With this release, you can now sign in to Cin7 Core WMS and MES applications with your Microsoft Account details. This option will be available any location where user authentication via email and password is required. No further action is necessary. Cin7 Core POS cannot use Microsoft sign-in at this time.