New Farm Confectionery

New Farm Confectionery finds a sweet solution in Cin7

When Jodie Neilson started New Farm Confectionery in her kitchen, she wasn’t expecting it to become a huge success – but then she found Cin7.

New Farm Confectionery

“It was me making marshmallows and a few other products and selling at the local markets,” Jodie laughs.

“I thought I would earn enough money to buy a few pairs of shoes, and that would be it.”

Today, Jodie can probably manage more than a few new pairs of shoes. New Farm Confectionery now has over 150 products and, in addition to having their own brick-and-mortar flagship store, they send their product all over Australia, both direct-to-consumer (D2C) and to over 100 wholesale customers (B2B).

But growth and success have come at a cost. Keeping up with their own production processes became incredibly difficult, and logistics got much more challenging. Because New Farm Confectionery handcraft their products, the business must stay across costs, keeping careful track of not only finished products and shipments, but also watch how many raw ingredients they require. Constant demand — even during the lockdowns imposed by Covid-19 — means the business is always pushing to produce enough product.

Before Cin7, all this was nearly impossible to deal with. And Jodie didn’t know how to fix it.

“I couldn’t have told you at the time that we were looking for an inventory management system. I just knew that I couldn’t tell you how much a bag of peanut brittle cost me to make. I had no idea whatsoever.”

Now that Cin7 is implemented as their inventory management system, Jodie and the team can easily keep track of costs, run production jobs, and control minimum stock levels, as well as track B2B orders from wholesalers and retailers, and orders from D2C ecommerce customers on their Shopify-powered website.

“Cin7 just helps me manage my inventory incredibly well, from base manufacturing all the way to being able to to sell my products. Without it, I literally would have no idea what sort of stock I’ve got.”

From a production point of view, Jodie says that very few solutions  are able to offer the level of inventory management that Cin7 is capable of, at Cin7’s price.

“Now, I can tell you exactly how much a bag of peanut brittle costs,” Jodie says. “I think Cin7 is doing absolutely everything that I need it to do. I love the fact that it integrates with my ecommerce, and I love the fact that it’s great with my bookkeeping system. The main thing is it’s great. I’m happy with Cin7.”

New Farm Confectionery Factsheet: 

New Farm Confectionery are a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of delicious, handmade confectionery and chocolate products

Employees: 15 – 35

Revenue: $1m – $5m AUD per year

Sales order volume: 5000+ items/SKUs sold per month

New Farm Confectionery uses Cin7: 

  • For more efficiency in inventory operations
  • To integrate and streamline operations
  • For more accurate inventory management

Cin7 helps with the following areas of the business: 

  • Demand forecasting / purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Channels to market
  • Consumer / customer relations

Accounting integration: Xero

Ecommerce integration: Shopify

Payment provider integration: Tyro

Sales & Marketing integration: Drip

Are you ready for your business to increase efficiency and sell more?

Cin7’s purpose is empowering product sellers to thrive by making it easy for product sellers to sell more products, to more customers, through more sales channels — faster and more efficiently than ever before. Book a demo using the form below, or read more case studies in our Resource Center.

Very few solutions  are able to offer the level of inventory management that Cin7 is capable of, at Cin7’s price

Jodie Neilson, Managing Director, New Farm Confectionery

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