12 July, 2022

Cin7 Announces DEAR Advanced Manufacturing Capability To Make It Simple for Manufacturers to Move to the Cloud

Cin7, a pioneer in cloud-based inventory management software (IMS), today announced DEAR Advanced Manufacturing module, allowing customers to accurately reflect their manufacturing activities in their inventory management system and accounting records. With DEAR Advanced Manufacturing module, customers are able to plan production according to resource capacity, trace components through the entire production process, define production bills of materials (BOM), trigger production orders from sales, and more.

Manufacturing at any scale involves a complex dance of moving parts – components, labor, overhead costs, wastage, BOM, and interdependent production operations – which can be especially burdensome for small- and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses often scale manufacturing operations faster than back office administrators can keep up with, making it a substantial administrative burden to keep accurate account records for stock on hand, wastage, and work in progress. This latest innovation allows businesses with in-house production to seamlessly combine their manufacturing activities with their financial records, stock levels, and sales channels.

“With our latest update, DEAR’s complete manufacturing, inventory, warehouse management, and ecommerce solution provides all the high-value capabilities of an ERP – without the hassle, manual work, and headaches,” said Doug LaBahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Cin7. “This innovation combines everything a business needs for made-to-order and batch manufacturing in one place for a couple hundred dollars per month, while also bringing together all other functions required to run a very profitable business, such as accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, production planning, and more.”

Several hundred customers – including Paul’s Homemade – have been using the capabilities provided by the DEAR Advanced Manufacturing module for months in a beta program run by Cin7.

“The best thing is the simplicity. We’ve looked at other manufacturing software, but DEAR takes away so much of the complexity on the production side of things. DEAR’s Advanced Manufacturing just makes things make sense,” said Amon Mbulo, Head of Systems and Web Development, Paul’s Homemade. “I’d recommend it to large-scale manufacturers and anyone selling products direct-to-consumer. All in all, it’s a great system to use.”

DEAR Advanced Manufacturing module combines powerful production features with inventory management, accounting, and integration with sales channels for a complete solution.

Additional features include:

  • Visualize and rearrange production schedules
  • End-to-end traceability of components from raw materials to finished product
  • Make to Order production for customizable products
  • Describe complex, multi-step production processes, such as:
    • Phantom BOM
    • Nested production BOMs
    • Full and partial co-manufacturing
    • Production BOMs with multiple finished products
  • Dedicated mobile application for shopfloor staff (MES app)
  • Since acquiring DEAR Systems and Orderhive in 2021, Cin7 has become the leading SaaS provider of inventory and order management software for a wide variety of product sellers.

To learn more about DEAR Advanced Manufacturing module, please visit: https://dearsystems.com/features/material-requirement-planning/

Also published on Accesswire.

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