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You don’t need to spend a fortune to be a frontrunner

Rethink your software budget to get more for your money.

Smaller modern product sellers are far outperforming larger competitors for one reason. Smaller modern product sellers have figured out that it’s about how you spend on tech, not how much you spend.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to be a frontrunner

Actionable insights

Tips for getting more bang for your buck:

1. Get rid of your outdated software and ERP systems

For roughly the same money you’re spending today on outdated technology, you can have the same best-in-class software that modern product sellers rely on. Review how much you're spending—dollars and team hours—on running your business on old technologies like desktop accounting apps, legacy ERPs, spreadsheets and apps, then compare to the cost of migrating to modern software.

2. Don’t increase how much you spend on software and tech

As revealed in our large study of 4,000 product sellers, you don’t need a large software and service budget. You need to quickly find the best-in-class specialized multichannel apps that run in the cloud and have beautiful integrations to Xero or QuickBooks Online. Talk with their customers and experts and you soon see that you can spend the same—or roughly 10% more—and have far more sales channels and operational capabilities at your fingertips.

3. Join the community of modern product sellers

If online accounting and multichannel inventory applications are new to you and seem like fuzzy, foreign concepts, the best way to catch up is to join the community. Ask your questions, and find a tech coach who can help you successfully make the transition from an old tech to the tech stack of modern product sellers.

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