SP Express Order and Inventory Management Integration

SP Express is a third-party logistics (3PLl) provider based in Belgium. They are reliable in Alcoa and freight cargo forwarding.

How Cin7 works with SP Express 

Cin7’s integration with SP Express allows you to send and receive pick requests and pick notifications. You can also send or receive Sales Orders. 


The Benefits of 3PL Integration

Cin7’s 3PL integration lets you manage inventory and orders for fast and efficient fulfillment when you outsource warehousing to a third-party provider. With Cin7 you’ll: 

  • Gain full visibility of stock levels in any integrated 3PL.
  • Maintain accurate stock counts as you fulfill orders through your 3PL.
  • Create purchase orders and send them directly to the 3PL.
  • Automate your workflows and reduce the admin tasks required to fulfill orders.