Pik Pak Logistics

Pik Pak is an Australia-based provider of on-demand logistics services offering outsourced warehousing, freight management and consulting.

The benefits of integrating Cin7 with Pik Pak Logistics

Here are the key benefits of integrating our inventory management solution with Pik Pak:

  • Automatically route orders, reducing manual data entry and mistakes.
  • Streamline processes and increase your supply chain flexibility.
  • Keep online customers up-to-date with automated order status.
  • Gain full order and stock visibility in your outsourced warehouse.
  • Control order processes based on sales, picking and other events.

How we integrate with Pik Pak Logistics

Cin7 integrates in the following way with Pik Pak:

  • Sale Orders – Sales orders to be fulfilled by 3PL.
  • Pick Notifications – A summary of what was actually picked per order.
  • Purchase Orders – Purchase orders to be stored by the 3PL.
  • Inwards Notifications – A summary of what was actually receipted per PO
  • Auto back-ordering –  If picking quantity is less than order quantity, a back-order is created in Cin7.
  • SSCC Labels (EDI) – Cin7 sends 3PL SSCC labels to attach to EDI orders.

Why should inventory and 3PLs be connected?

The more you sell, the harder it gets to manage stock and orders, especially when you outsource to a 3PL warehouse. Stock can be misplaced and fall out of sync with sales, making you lose track of your inventory value. You can only optimize your stock levels when you can see and control your inventory wherever you hold your products. Cin7 inventory management software and POS system give companies an all-in-one management solution connecting them to wherever they sell and hold their products.

With Cin7 integrated to your 3PL warehouse, you get:

  • Complete inventory visibility at the 3PL branch.
  • Continuous stock accuracy, as you sell, dispatch and replenish inventory.
  • Automated order workflows, including automatic order status updates for eCommerce.